In the 1950, Vanton developed a revolutionary all-plastic pump for use in conjunction with the first heart-lung device. The design limited fluid contact to only two non-metallic parts: a plastic body block and a flexible liner. This was the birth of our Flex-I-Liner rotary pump. Vanton now offers the most comprehensive line of thermoplastic pumps in the industry.


These heavy-duty and rugged horizontal centrifugal pumps are designed, engineered and constructed to handle corrosive, abrasive and other aggressive fluids…


Every wetted component in a Vanton SUMP-GARD vertical pump, including the heavy-wall shaft sleeve is offered in PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF and other non-metallic materials…


These heavy-duty and Vanton FLEX-I-LINER peristaltic type rotary pumps transfer sample or meter acids, caustics, solvents, salts, chlorides and ultrapure chemicals…


Vanton offers custom and standard, square, rectangular and cylindrical non-metallic pump tank systems in a wide choice of thermoplastics, thermosets, and plastic lined metal…

We put our pumps through the paces to make sure they live up to expectations. When they leave our plant, we know they are best by test, not by guess. To the best of our knowledge, no other pump manufacturer puts every pump through such a complete battery of hydraulic, vibration and electrical tests.

Vanton. The trusted name across many industries

Chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, pulp/paper, foods semiconductors, textiles, minerals.

Metal fabrication, electric/electronic equipment, computers, cleaning, pickling, plating, finishing.

Municipal and industrial chemical transfer and treatment, lift stations, pH neutralisation, filtration.

Air, water, hazardous/toxic wastes, pollution control, system design, remediation, federal/local compliance.

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