Integrated engineered systems

Vanton offers custom and standard, square, rectangular, and cylindrical non-metallic pump tank systems in a wide choice of thermoplastics, thermosets, and plastic-lined metal.  Capacities to 19m3 (5000 gallons). Double wall tanks with built-in leak detection, skid-mounted and mobile designs, and floating pontoon configurations can be furnished with the appropriate thermoplastic pumps, and all system control and monitoring devices including sensors, alarms, valves, actuators, and fully instrumented control panels. All wetted components are of homogeneous thermoplastics or other nonmetallic, all of which resist a wide range of corrosive chemicals, making Vanton pump/tank systems the ideal choice for collecting, transferring, and treating process chemicals as well as mixed and unknown wastes.

Cylindrical pump/tanks with capacities to 10 cubic metres
(2500 US gallons)
– 01

Cylindrical tanks of PP, PE, PVC, PVDF, and other thermoplastics are available in capacities to 9.5m3 (2500 gallons). The system shown is equipped with a stainless steel stand, rising-rod level control, and a vertical SUMP-GARD SG thermoplastic pump. The cover plate is sealed with an EPDM gasket, and the pump is fitted with a FUME-GARD vapour seal to protect external bearings and the motor from corrosion.

Mobile pump/tank system handles diversity of wastes – 02

Vanton mobile pump/tank systems handle a broad range of corrosive and abrasive wastes from multiple sites. This system consists of a 2m3 (500 gallon) cylindrical tank of polypropylene and pedestal-mounted FLEX-I-LINER sealless, rotary peristaltic pump rated for 4.5m3/hr (20 gpm). All wetted components of the systems are made of chemically inert thermoplastics or elastomers that provide resistance to a wide range of corrosive, abrasive, hazardous, and toxic wastes.

Duplex pump/tank system handles corrosive wastes – 03

For handling corrosive chromic acid and other plating chemicals Vanton custom-engineered this “Duplex” pump/tank system. All pumps, tanks, valves, level controls, and associated piping are skid-mounted, and ready for operation upon connection to external piping and wiring.  Two PVC SUMP-GARD vertical centrifugal pumps handle flows to 270m3/hr (1200 gpm), heads to 55 metres (180 ft), and temperatures to 60°C (140°F).

Double wall tanks provide back-up protection against leakage – 04

Collecting hazardous wastes often requires the added measure of leak protection afforded by double-wall tanks. Primary and secondary tanks are sized and blocked to provide ample void space between tanks to contain leakage. Sensors positioned between walls are linked to a controller which activates visual and audible alarms. These mobile systems are equipped with Vanton SG polypropylene pumps and FlexPlug valves to provide safe, efficient handling of corrosive wastes.

Custom engineered, non-metallic pump/tank systems continuously adjust and control the pH of corrosive process chemicals and plant wastes – 05

This fully integrated, automatic system is designed to neutralise acids and alkalies by monitoring pH and controlling the addition of sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, or other neutralising agents. A PLC (programmable logic controller) linked to a pH level sensor controls variable speed Vanton pumps which meter the neutralising agents.  In closed-loop recirculation mode, one or more SUMP-GARD vertical centrifugal pumps create the turbulence needed to mix the solution and prevent the settling of solids. Once the tank is filled automatically actuated thermoplastic valves open the circulation loop to discharge the fluid. All wetted system components are furnished in homogeneous thermoplastics compatible with the fluids to be handled, eliminating corrosion and minimising maintenance.

Vanton user-friendly, self-contained neutralisation systems simplify compliance with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES).

Duplex pump/tank system – 06

Configured with two SUMP-GARD SG series vertical pumps, rising rod float controls, instrumentation, and control panel to customer specifications.