About Vanton

Why Vanton has become the preferred manufacturer of engineered thermoplastic pumps.

We not only pioneered the thermoplastic pump, we perfected it.

In the 1950, Vanton developed a revolutionary all-plastic pump for use in conjunction with the first heart-lung device. The design limited fluid contact to only two non-metallic parts: a plastic body block and a flexible liner. This was the birth of our Flex-I-Liner rotary pump. Its self-priming sealless design made it an industry standard for the handling of corrosive, abrasive and viscous fluids as well as those that must be transferred without contaminating the product. We then developed horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps designed to take advantage of the superior chemical inertness, abrasion resistance, low weight and moldability of thermoplastics. Vanton now offers the most comprehensive line of thermoplastic pumps in the industry.

Vanton now offers the most comprehensive line of thermoplastic pumps in the industry

We put our pumps through the paces to make sure they live up to expectations. When they leave our plant, we know they are best by test, not by guess. To the best of our knowledge, no other pump manufacturer puts every pump through such a complete battery of hydraulic, vibration and electrical tests.

Vanton pumps are subjected to the following test wherever appropriate:

1. Hydrostatic test for leak tightness.

2. Operational check of pump performance to specified conditions of service.

3. Vibration evaluation.

4. Noise level analysis.

5. Measurement of voltage, amperage, kilowatts and power factor at varying outputs.

Sometimes the simplest designs yield the most efficient products.

Don’t be misled by the apparent simplicity of the design of Vanton pumps. Uncomplicated construction makes our pumps more cost effective and easier to maintain. Here’s why:

Fluid contact is limited to chemically inert thermoplastics and elastomers.

Extensive component interchangability permits wide choice of available materials and the use of many new ones as they are developed.

Service that’s second to none.

The simplicity of our designs assures long, trouble-free operation. Since each pump is individually tested and its characteristics permanently recorded for instant retrieval, spare parts can be supplied accurately, rapidly and economically, regardless of the age, or model of the pump. As pioneers in the design, manufacture and application of thermoplastic pumps, we have long been tuned in to the need for round-the-clock operations and dependable service. Whether the problem is related to pump installation or start-up, changing operating conditions or emergency needs, there is never a 9 to 5 work syndrome at Vanton. Early or late, weekdays or weekends or holidays, if you need Vanton service, it’s yours for the asking. Our highly trained worldwide sales/service representatives are as near as your telephone, and if for any reason you can’t reach them, there’s always a headquarters specialist available by phone, fax or e-mail.

Why engineered thermoplastics are specified for handling
corrosive, abrasive, hazardous, and ultrapure fluids:

Thermoplastic components are preferred over stainless steel, exotic alloys, FRP solid materials or linings because they offer broader use for handling acids, caustics, solvents, chlorides, halogens and other corrosive, abrasive or hazardous fluids, even mixed or unknown liquids, plant effluents and waste streams. Their chemical inertness assures purity when handling ultrapure water and other fluids required by chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, printed circuit board fabricators, utilities and other companies whose processing operations cannot tolerate contamination. Although extensive corrosion resistance charts are available from Vanton and other sources, there is no substitute for experience, and no company with as much experience in the application of thermoplastic pumps as Vanton. The latest edition of the Technical Library Index of published data on specific applications is available for the asking.

A trusted supplier across many industries

Chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, pulp/paper, foods semiconductors, textiles, minerals.

Metal fabrication, electric/electronic equipment, computers, cleaning, pickling, plating, finishing.

Municipal and industrial chemical transfer and treatment, lift stations, pH neutralisation, filtration.

Air, water, hazardous/toxic wastes, pollution control, system design, remediation, federal/local compliance.

Innovative from the start, Vanton is dedicated to problem solving through close, personal customer involvement. Our product development programs are linked to user requirements to trouble-free pumping of aggressive fluids eliminating product contamination and helping industry and municipalities meet the challenges imposed by environmental regulations. Regardless of the Vanton pump you specify, rest assured that it is engineered to provide the ultimate in performance, longevity, and ease of maintenance and that Vanton’s knowledgeable staff of sales engineers, service technicians and over 400 representatives, is devoted to ensuring your total satisfaction.

Consultant advice available for Engineering, Operation and Technical Managers from Vanton

If you’re an engineering, technical or operations manager, just think of Andy Bould as your own personal consultant, on hand to deliver over the phone advice or better still to come and conduct a COMPLIMENTARY SITE VISIT to work with you to ensure you are running a streamlined and productive site in terms of your pumps and filtration requirements.

Assessing the needs of the customer – is like having a site health check.

We need to obtain a full understanding by drilling down to the exact issue facing the customer, what applications are in operations and what challenges they present.

With unrivaled years of technical expertise and knowledge to impartially source and supply products from well-established supply chains to meet your requirements. Encompassing full parts and servicing backup as standard: our customer service is simply not 9-5.