Sealless, Self-priming Rotary Pumps

Vanton FLEX-I-LINER peristaltic type rotary pumps transfer sample or meter acids, caustics, solvents, salts, chlorides, and ultrapure chemicals – even viscous fluids to 6000 SSU (1300 centistokes) and slurries containing soft solids and abrasives. They are suitable for clear, volatile liquids as well as for vacuum service and gas transfer. Gentle pumping action permits pumping latex emulsions and other shear-sensitive liquids.

These sealless, self-priming pumps operate in either direction, wet or dry in any position. Unique design eliminates shaft seals, stuffing boxes, and other potential sources of leakage. Only two non-metallic parts contact fluid-the rugged body block and durable elastomeric flexible liner.  Maintenance is easy and no special tools are required.  Flows from .1.26 lpm (33 gpm) to 9m3/hr (40 gpm) at pressures to 310kPa (45 psig). Temperatures to 121°C (250°F).

XB & CC models satisfy laboratory, production, and OEM applications – 01

FLEX-I-LINER pumps are available close-coupled to an electric motor, or pedestal-mounted with an electric motor drive or gasoline engine, as well as air powered when required for handling volatile fluids. For metering with ± 5 percent accuracy, variable speed motors or belt drives may be used. Models may be hand carried, installed on casters, or wheel-mounted on mobile equipment for portability.

Air-driven plastic pump handles volatile fluids, gases – 02

For pumping volatile chemicals and gases where safety requirements prohibit the use of electric power, or in remote areas where electric power is not available, FLEX-I-LINER pumps can be supplied with rotary vane air motors which develop 2000 rpm on 620 kPa (90 psi). These motors can be furnished in models for clockwise rotation, or reversible operation to change flow direction. Control of the air motor drive offers a convenient means for varying flow rates within ± 5 percent.

Sanitary, sealless, metering pump has flame polished body – 03

With no internal crevices, dead spots, threads, seals, or bearings this FLEX-I-LINER self-priming pump is ideal for sanitary metering of pharmaceuticals, foods, and other contamination-sensitive products. The body block in the unit illustrated is molded of UHMW polyethylene with flame-polished interior surfaces, and spin-welded suction and discharge quick-disconnect fittings. The rugged flexible liner is molded of food-grade elastomers. Metal never touches fluid.

Dosing is automatic, reliable with variable speed pump – 04

Variable speed FLEX-I-LINER pumps offer automatic dosing capability with dependable accuracy. A sensor immersed in the fluid being treated continuously relays data on pH, conductivity, or other variables, to a controller which adjusts the pump motor speed and dosage rate. The design simplicity reduces the cost, maintenance, downtime, and complexity associated with dosing and metering applications.

Duplex configuration features high capacity, smooth operation – 05

“Duplex” FLEX-I-LINER pumps offer 70 percent higher flows than “Simplex” configurations while minimising vibration at higher pressures. One motor/gearbox drives two opposing eccentric shafts oriented 180° out of phase/rotation, cancelling pumping pulsations generated within each fluid cavity.  Manifolds provide common suction and discharge connections. Duplex systems are available in the same thermoplastic and elastomeric materials as single-stage units.

Drum pump runs dry, self-primes cuts maintenance – 06

Ideally suited to evacuate drums, the FLEX-I-LINER pump is self-priming, can run dry for extended periods, and is simple to maintain.  It also runs slowly-1750 versus 5000 rpm for typical drum pumps- and offers greater safety and convenience in a diversity of situations.  Compact in size with integral handle, it fits neatly on drum lids without hazardous protrusions, and has sufficient lift characteristics to operate from the floor, skid or stand.

Close-coupled Flex-I-Liner – 07

Portable model with a totally enclosed electric motor. Pumping is accomplished by a rotor mounted on an electric shaft rotating within a flexible liner. This creates a squeegee action on the fluid which is trapped between the outer surface of the liner and the inner wall of the pump body. Body blocks are available in polypropylene, UHMW polyethylene, and Teflon. Flexible liners can be furnished in natural rubber, Neoprene, Buna N, Hypalon, Viton, and Nordel.