TL-110 – Sump Pump Upgrade

Reduces downtime for barrel reconditioner

Burbank Drum & Barrel Co., Glena Park, TX, reconditions, grades and resells half-a-million, 55-gal. steel drums per year.

The reconditioning and recycling process consists of these steps: grading drums for recycling or crushing, submersion in NaOH stripper for general drum cleaning, water rinse, de-denting, NaOH/steam flush, dry/siphon station,

H•SO— power rinse to remove oxidation, shot blast, double end chime sealer, air test to 7 psi, preheater, and painting.

Pumps are used at the reconditioning stations, including the 20% sulphuric acid power rinse. Oxidation is removed from the barrel’s interior at a multihead nozzle spray station.

Wear factors, which caused pump downtime, were: chemical heat generated by the addition of acid and water makeup; frequent start/stop, 3600 rpm service; abrasion from oxide and scale; and chemical attack of pump’s material-of-construction weakened its tensile strength, allowing shaft deflection and column bearing wear.

In order to solve these problems, the existing pump was replaced with a heavy-duty, bearingless, cantilever-design sump pump, engineered for this demanding service by Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp.

The new pump is constructed of CPVC, with a PVDF casing and impeller. The shaft is rigidized by a twin bearing motor pedestal and welded vertical gussets on the column. This combination of cantilever design and high tensile strength-engineered thermoplastic material has resulted in uninterrupted service. The new pump performs flawlessly, without downtime for pump repair.


This Vanton vertical cantilever design features oversized diameter, heavy-duty ball bearings housed in a cast iron bracket which supports both the rugged shaft and the motor. The coupling arrangement makes it possible to utilize this design with just about every available type of motor: chemical duty, explosion-proof or air. It also makes possible depths to 4 feet (8 feet with tail pipe). Capacities to 1000 gpm, heads to 140 feet at temperatures to 275°F. Motors to 15 HP.

Welded structural ribbing on SGK pumps provides additional strength for columns. The heavy-duty combination radial and thrust ball bearing assembly provides solid support to the large diameter shaft.