Pollution control

TL-110 – Sump Pump Upgrade

Reduces downtime for barrel reconditioner Burbank Drum & Barrel Co., Glena Park, TX, reconditions, grades and resells half-a-million, 55-gal. steel drums per year. The reconditioning and recycling process consists of these steps: grading drums for recycling or crushing, submersion in NaOH stripper for general drum cleaning, water rinse, de-denting, NaOH/steam flush, dry/siphon station, H•SO— power […]

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TL-114 – How to Select a Non-Metallic Pump

Reprinted from POLLUTION ENGINEERING By Edward Margus and Kenneth Comerford Pumps constructed of various non-metallic materials are widely used in wastewater and other pollution control applications. The use of non-metallic pumps for applications involving water and wastewater treatment, pollution control and other related services has been expanding at a dramatic rate for a variety of

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