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TL-173 Digital Analysis Corporation

pH Neutralization System for Acidic and Alkaline Waste Streams at Petrochemical Plant in China



TL-172 Columbia Manufacturing, Inc

Pumps Play Critical Role in Zero Discharge



TL-171 Thermoplastics for Plants & Municipalities



TL-167 PLASTICS or METAL? Which Material is RIGHT for your pump?



TL-165 Grand Coulee Dam

Grand Coulee Dam Uses Six Cantilever Pumps to Ensure the Reliability of Three 805 Megawatt Turbines



TL-164 Foremost Machine Builders, Inc.

Converting Peroxide Waste into Profitable Sewage Disinfectant



TL-163 Pharmaceuticals: Plastics vs. Stainless Steel... Which is Better?



TL-162 What's New with Thermoplastic Centrifugal Pumps?



TL-161 Pump Material Selection Guide: NaOH Sodium Hydroxide/NaOCl Sodium Hypochlorite



TL-160 Ulu Pandan Sewage Treatment Works (STW)

Neutralizing Noxious Odors at Singapore’s Ulu Pandan Sewage Treatment Works



TL-159 Pump Material Selection Guide: Bromine



TL-155 How to Specify Nonmetallic Sealless Pumps for Transferring Acidic, Caustic, Abrasive and Toxic Solutions



TL-132 Critical selection factors for thermoplastic pumps



TL-131 Nalco Chemical Co.

Eliminating Underground Waste Lines



TL-130 PVC Tank/Pump Systems Handle Corrosive Waste



TL-129 Dyno Nobel

Three Sump Pumps Survive 18 Years of Corrosive Service



TL-128 Big Scrubber, Big Pump, Big Emergency



TL-124 Boeing Company

Maintenance at the Boeing Company



TL-123 Non-metallic pumps withstand a wide range of severe service applications



TL-122 Entergy Corp.

Thermoplastic Pumps Take the Heat off Utility



TL-121 Application Possibilities Grow for Plastic Pumps



TL-120 Gaylord Foundry Equipment, Inc.

Pump Upgrading Improves Scrubber Performance and Reduces Down Time



TL-119 Teledyne Halco

Pumping Solder Flux



TL-118 Worthington Steel

Polypropylene Pumps Help Roll Away Costs



TL-116 The Plastic Alternative



TL-115 Wheaton Glass Products

Thermoplastic Pumps



TL-114 How to Select a Non-Metallic Pump



TL-112 Fluoropolymers & Custom Engineering Solve Bromine Pumping Problems



TL-110 Burbank Drum & Barrel Co.

Sump Pump Upgrade



TL-109 Gaylord Foundry Equipment

Flexible Liner Pump Cuts Scrubber Maintenance



TL-108 When to Consider Plastic Pumps



TL-107 Hitachi

Pump Choice Supports Continuous Production at Hitachi



TL-104 Sierra Lumber Company

Pump Moves Glue Easily



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In the 1950, Vanton developed a revolutionary all-plastic pump for use in conjunction with the first heart-lung device. The design limited fluid contact to only two non-metallic parts: a plastic body block and a flexible liner. This was the birth of our Flex-I-Liner rotary pump. Its self-priming sealless design made it an industry standard for the handling of corrosive, abrasive and viscous fluids as well as those that must be transferred without contaminating the product. Vanton now offers the most comprehensive line of thermoplastic pumps in the industry.



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